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A hospital in Houston gives mother wrong baby to breastfeed

Wrong baby breastfed due to hospital negligence, baby Melanie.
Wrong baby breastfed due to hospital negligence, baby Melanie.
Jessica Escobedo

Melanie is the last child planned for Aaron Powell and Jessica Escobedo. She was born on the 10th of December at a Houston hospital in excellent health. When Melanie was 2 days old she was brought to the wrong mother for breastfeeding by staff at Oak Bend Medical Center.

Escobedo stated, "when they brought my baby back in for feeding time the nurse brought in the wrong baby."

Jessica said that the family name band on the baby she was given didn't match her own. She immediately wanted to know where her daughter Melanie was.

Jessica made a statement saying, "I asked the nurse where was she and they actually took my baby to another mother she was over there for like two hours and the other mother actually breast fed and didn't notice that she had the wrong baby."

Aaron Powell says, "She means the world to me and it was my third child and I was excited to have my last kid but for something like that to happen it messed my head up."

The family is demanding answers for a mix up like this when the names are clearly marked alongside room numbers on the newborn's bands.

Fuentes released a statement saying, "I felt a mistake that big the hospital should've asked my daughter what do you want to happen at this point and it didn't happen like that." Thibodeaux also said, "There is no question it should not happen because the bands are very specific to the babies and we should never get the babies mixed up but as you know it does happen."

It happens?

Thankfully the mother that mistakenly breastfed Melanie came back disease free after having to undergo tests stemming from the hospitals careless mistake.

Melanie's parents are just thankful that she is ok, and they are prayerful that this wont happen to anyone else in the future. The mistake was completely avoidable and due to nothing more than carelessness.

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