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A homeopathic cure for alcoholism?

Can alcoholism be treated by homeopathy? Not responsibly.
Can alcoholism be treated by homeopathy? Not responsibly.

Alcoholism has now been widely considered a disease. It is an addiction that millions face worldwide year after year that can now be treated by certain medications and therapies thanks to modern medicine.

With every modern, proven, and effective cure there always tends to be a denial based homeopathic alternative. Via phone conference with three homeopathic practitioners in the Milwaukee, WI area, the topic of alcoholism was discussed. Immediately, the practitioners all claimed to have remedies "tailored" to alcoholism.

Once these remedies were discussed further, it was inquired as to what was in each one. Each practitioner had completely different components which were added together to make their remedies. What were these ingredients? Lactose(of course) and extremely minor amounts of oats or other negligible components that can be found in an everyday breakfast.

According to homeopaths if you suffer from alcoholism, relax and have some oatmeal and milk. In diluted and contaminated pill form that is.