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A homemaker's notebook: Getting organized

A completed homemaker's notebook
A completed homemaker's notebook
Kristin Ferris

Keeping an organized home is a top priority for many homemakers and a tool to help achieve that is a homemaker’s notebook, or sometimes referred to as homemaker’s journal. A homemaker’s notebook is a central place for the inter-workings of the home to be kept and organized; from cleaning schedules to party plans to all those website logins. It is a place to store everything that is necessary to run a household smoothly and efficiently.

First start with a three ring binder and as many tab dividers as needed for the household and a few sheet protectors. Each household will use a different number of dividers. Here are some suggested segment titles for each divider, these can include but are not limited to the following: daily chore list, weekly chore list, monthly chore list, kid’s chore lists, monthly calendars, bank statements, financial statements, medical benefit statements, yearly tax information, household inventory, menu plans, shopping lists, contacts, utility/service information, books to read, projects, garden information, animal information, party plans, cards and gifts, household recipes, gift certificates/cards, and website log-ins. Once determining the needs for the household begin inserting into the binder in order of use. The most used first and the least used in the back.

There are many resources online that offer forms for homemaker’s notebook, most require some payment, and will not be personalized to the specific home. Creating personal forms is the best route, though looking at some for inspiration is advisable. A spreadsheet program will be helpful in creating ideal forms, but not required for household chores, contact lists, household inventory, or whatever other desired forms are needed. When creating the forms be careful not to be overly generalized or overly detailed, but do what suites best. Remember it can always be altered to fit as needs change. Use the sheet protectors and a dry erase marker for the forms that act as checklists, great way to save money on paper, and be greener.

Once all the logistics are done, it is time to really have fun (unless a nerd like myself and had loads of fun making the forms)! Add pictures, captions, ribbons, stickers, to personalize the binder and make it something exciting to use everyday. Place in a handy spot for reference, and begin a whole new world of organization! All these items can be purchased at Meijer’s for a reasonable price, or check out for some hand me downs.