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A Homeless Man's Dog

Please consider this poem the next time you see a homeless man and his dog.

Help me feed my dog
He doesn’t understand
What happened to our home
Wasn’t part of the plan

Please don’t take my dog
He’s my only friend
Though others have left me
He stays to the end

Please don’t judge my dog
While we wait in line
For some food and comfort
His needs come before mine

Please help me feed my dog
He is all that remains
Of a life I once cherished
But that memory feigns

Please help me feed my dog
Listen to hear our moans
Our pain and fears
Come from being alone

The eyes that look upon me
Usually frown with disgust
Wish I could tell them
Who I once was

I would often forget
Who I used to be
If it was not for my dog
Looking back at me

Help me feed my dog
He does not understand
Why people don’t love him
They just look at him mad

Help me feed my dog
It’s really quite simple
Show love and understanding
That starts things with a ripple

Then watch the ripple spread
As more and more people join in
To help our fellow man
Fight hopelessness and win

For more information about ways you can help spread the ripple, please visit

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