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A High School with a Higher Demand

The New Orleans Military & Maritime Academy (NOMMA) is only three years old and it is stirring a buzz in Federal City. Since progress has been slow in the development of Federal City the Academy is drawing a focus to maybe assist in attracting business to the once active Navy Support Base.

Cadets trained all year to do this best for a final scoreReady to Jump
Cadets trained all year to do this best for a final scoreReady to JumpDerek Rose
A view of NOMMA in Federal City
A view of NOMMA in Federal CityDerek Rose

NOMMA is a unique charter public high school because it is a Marine Corp JROTC school and reportedly the only one of its kind in the country. As a military academy NOMMA is dedicated equally to academic and physical fitness excellence. The JROTC staff are retired Marines which is the norm for any high school JROTC programs and they train the cadets according to The National Youth Physical Fitness Program and National High School Physical Fitness Program standards.

Aside from the normal military drilling protocols the cadets are taught, trained, and tested for four components of fitness; strength, endurance, agility, and coordination. Although cadets receive scores for the events they perform their effort to improve is their greater achievement. There are five actual events the cadets receive scores in, based on their abilities. Sit-ups, push-ups, pull-ups, standing long jump, and a 300 yd shuttle run are the standard events cadets participate in. The skills and learning they acquire through condition and training will hopefully be lessons they practice throughout their adult life. Not all of today’s high school students have the stamina to meet and maintain the physical and academic standards NOMMA demands of them, but the goal and focus of the NOMMA mission is creating tomorrows’ leaders.

This Saturday May 10, at 7:00 am, NOMMA will be sponsoring their 1st 5K event and the public is invited to participate. The run/walk will take place at Federal City to raise funds to benefit NOMMA athletics. Go out to meet and support the cadets and staff.