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A high note for the metro area: The Velvet Note


Tamara Fuller welcomes all in attendance to a great experience at The Velvet Note.
Taken by Andrew Snorton
The Velvet Note provides its audience an intimate way of experiencing music and interacting with the artists.  Maria Howell (left) belts out creative and standard jazz and r and b selections for the audience.
Taken by Andrew Snorton

It means many things to many people. For some, it provides the bridge for the creative and outside of the box thinking as evidenced when someone improvises; others note the mathematics based nature of music via the counting of measures, for others, the science of sound and changing of volume gives it a formidable, and then there are those who note the wide range of mood and emotion of a favorite song, section, verse, or note.

To play and listen to music is one thing, but to fully immerse and interact with artists is another thing. A venue which is embarking on its second year of making sure the audience is truly a part of the performance is John's Creek based The Velvet Note.

One of the more "up close and personal" venues in the metro area provides the audience with more of a listening room appeal, akin to sitting in your living room or den, putting on a CD (or in another time, a record), and truly capturing the sound and range of the performance. Complete with a design by George Seldon (who studied under George Lucas of Lucasfilm), the sound experience is full of richness and depth, providing a more enriching musical experience for all.

Even more notable is how close you are to the artist. Ranging from jazz legends such as (but not limited to) Diane Schuur or the Marcus Roberts Trio, to singer and actress Maria Howell, and its overall range of local, regional, and national acts, the Velvet Note is a a truly innovative presence as it comes to experiencing multiple genres of live music.

Typically, there are "live mic" or open jam sessions on Thursday evenings, and its feature acts on Friday through Sunday usually consist of two shows (7:30 and 9:30pm). Complete with a full service bar and creative food offerings, the 40-seat venue can be a sound way to start off your evening, or a way to wind down for the night, it truly is a delight for all in attendance.

"We are a venue designed by musicians for musicians; it allows for a highly intimate and unique experience for our audience", notes Tamara Fuller, part of the venue's management and ownership team.

Regardless if you are member of the music community, those who appreciate music, or the greater community at large, being able to enjoy a sound experience in a mature setting is one of the purest ways to take in the beauty and majesty of music. The Velvet Note is such a space that is able to take you to such a place.

Consider taking a ride to the north side and starting or concluding your night and weekend on a high (and Velvet) note.

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