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A hidden Italian hot-spot!

Jones Restaurant
Jones Restaurant

Anybody jonesin' for some scrumptious Italian tonight? Although the name might be a little deceiving as "Jones" doesn't exactly scream Italian nor does it roll so authentically off the tongue as perhaps Miceli's, Angeli's or Vincenzo's might,  make no mistake about it, Jones restaurant located at 7205 Santa Monica Blvd truly serves up some great Italian dishes.

If you're from the area, but haven't been to Jones, you probably have driven by it many times. Just a jump away from the Target at La Brea and Santa Monica, Jones' large arrow shaped sign points to its entrance and is memorable to most driving by it. It is my assumption that most people (including myself) believe Jones to be a bar and nothing more and drive by it without as much as a second glance. Take it from me, it's time to take a second glance and better yet, a bite or two.

Jones does offer a full bar and the bartending staff has always been friendly and makes a great dirty martini. The restaurant is small and cozy with booths lining the walls and candles on the tables. The place has a chill, urban vibe and is dimly lit...really dim. I'll tell it like it is, if you're looking to really see the person you're eating with, Jones may not be the place for you as when I say dim, I mean candle light in a house with no windows offers more light than this place. Nevertheless, if you can get by the absence of proper lighting, you're in for a treat.

The menu offers all the traditional Italian fare you'd find anywhere else and the service is pleasant and in all honesty, quite attractive....(or perhaps that's why they keep the lights so low;) The prices are affordable ($10-$15 per person) and the portions are hefty. Ravioli, calamari, calzones, and pizza are all on the menu along with a dozen other pasta favorites. You got a sweet tooth? The menu is loaded with brownies, pies and ice cream and no matter what you order, you're bound to love it. No menu exists online for Jones, so you'll just have to take my word on it. If dinner isn't what you're looking for, Jones offers that great loungy vibe to just chill and have a few drinks in as well.

If you need more than just my word,  Citysearch does have some great reviews on Jones. so to view these citysearch reviews please click the following link. I hope to see you there!

To contact Jones directly to make your reservation please call (323) 850-1726


  • Anonymous 4 years ago

    why are there too of this?

  • Anonymous 4 years ago

    This place dpes have agoodvibe. i went there on my birthday day a few years agao and it was areally g ood time!

  • John M. 4 years ago

    Comment number 1, You spelled "two" wrong. Too is TOO much. Two is two articles. Dummie.