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A ‘Hell’s Kitchen' wedding? Contestants prepare for breakfast reception

Gordon Ramsay keeps the contestants on their toes in Hell's Kitchen
Photo by Jonathan Leibson

Hell’s Kitchen is hosting a wedding? That’s right wedding bells ringing will be heard on Thursday night for the contestants of the reality cooking show. However, the show isn’t going to let the contestant just watch as the couples exchange vows, they are going to make them work. According to Broadway World on Tuesday, the show is looking to have the first ever wedding on the reality show.

The show will have Chef Gordon Ramsay put the Hell's Kitchen contestants to the ultimate memory test. Dividing the teams, he challenges the red and blue teams to match side dishes with four different proteins. Sounds easy? Well, these chefs definitely need to rely on their taste buds to win. The team that pairs the dishes successfully wins a day trip to Laguna Beach, while the losing team spends the day preparing honey taffy from scratch.

As the teams consider the day successful, they have no idea what is in store next. The contestants get an early wake-up call to prepare a breakfast reception for the first-ever Hell’s Kitchen wedding. It sounds crazy, but Chef Ramsay makes it work and within all the chaos of the show love is found!

Hell’s Kitchen airs Thursday, April 10 at 8 p.m. on FOX.

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