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A heart-warming romance inspired by the world’s greatest black ballerinas

Blue Butterfly

‘Blue Butterfly’ is the newest novel written by the acclaimed writer Marian L. Thomas, who is considered the first African American pioneer of Contemporary Women’s Clean Fiction. She is well-known for her bestselling novels, ‘My Father’s Colors’ and ‘Strings of Color’, in which she introduces intriguing and controversial themes such as race, discrimination, family strife, and abuse. ‘Blue Butterfly’ was inspired by the real stories of five of the greatest black ballerinas in the world, who had the courage and determination to change the people’s perspective on the art of ballet. In a society that believed only white girls had the privilege of conquering the stage with their talent and grace, these five women proved they can dance of the backs of clouds and float through the air.

When she leaves Lutts County, Georgia to go to New York, Precious Blue Johnson is just a simple country girl with a daring dream. She wants to make history by becoming the world’s first black ballerina, and she hopes she’ll find her birth father in this huge and noisy city that intimidates her. On her journey to success, she will make many enemies, but she’ll also find true friends and even love. Ms. Ann will guide her and offer her precious advice, and Ray Silvers will support her, give her the strength to go on, and offer her his love and devotion. Will Precious Blue convince the audience to see beyond the color of her skin and appreciate her skill and talent?

With a complex plot, well-developed characters, and brilliant storytelling, Marian L. Thomas has managed to write a novel that will keep readers on the edge of their seats. There is love and romance, but there are also difficult situations Precious Blue and Ray have to overcome. Ray’s drug-addicted mother threatens to ruin everything they have, and Precious Blue is not sure she can still be with Ray after finding out about his dark, deadly past. Meanwhile, she has to fight for success and for the career she has always dreamed of. Eventually, she will become the first black ballerina to grace the stages of Broadway with a principal role, but her journey there is far from easy.

Precious Blue is a great role model for any young, black girl. Marian L. Thomas has created a character that will inspire readers to fight for their dreams and never give up. Even if achieving what they want means changing the entire world, their dreams must be pursued until the end through hard work, courage, and determination. To live a life of purpose means to do everything in your power to accomplish what you feel you were destined to do.

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