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A healthy workplace culture: Role of leader, individual and team responsibility

In the contemporary management style individual and team responsibility is important. Team members perform best with the assurance they have specific goals or responsibilities to attain and the support to achieve them.

Leaders keep motivatonal thoughts in their head.
Leaders keep motivatonal thoughts in their head.
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A healthy workplace culture: The role of leader, individual and team responsibility.
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Saying someone is responsible is one thing but actually demonstrating responsibility has been delegated is quite another. Too many managers will say it is someone’s or a team’s responsibility to reach a goal but then micro-manages or criticizes decisions on a regular basis.

This criticism and over-involvement stirs up an air of lack of responsibility and leads to a lack of accountability at both individual and team level.

Individuals and teams need to be able to take full accountability to truly have full responsibility. This means they need to be able to be able to take credit for the good they do but also be able to confess mistakes and problems without fear of retribution.

The attitude of a true leader in high performance and healthy work culture is that any problem or mistake should result in the manager’s pledge to help find a solution.

As Henry Ford said, “Don’t find fault, find a solution.”

Giving responsible is admitting that mistake happen in any workplace but management is there to stand behind all employees.

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