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A healthy workplace culture: Lack of encouragement means discouragement

Lack of encouragement means discouragement.
Lack of encouragement means discouragement.
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Dale Carnegie is quoted as saying there is nothing sweeter to someone than hearing their name. Although Carnegie live over half a century ago his advice is as relevant today as it will be tomorrow.

Encouragement comes in many forms. It could be a verbal compliment, thank you card or email note making a comment about a very specific incident.

Yet encouragement is not always after the fact. When assigning a difficult task use encouragement to start the task out with the proper attitude. It will not be enough to hand over the project and saying that you know the team or individual can handle it. Instead be specific by referring to a previous time that a difficult was handled and what the outcome was.

A generic compliment is meaningless and can cause discouragement because the recipient sees generic compliments as plastic as the question, “How are you?” once specific information referring to a single incident is provided the compliment takes on a uniqueness that makes it genuine.

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