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A healthy Labor Day cookout


Labor day weekend is the perfect time for a cookout.  But with cookouts often comes heavy food full of fat and calories.  Here are few tips for making your cookout a little bit more healthy without missing out the fun and flavor!

Deviled Eggs: When making deviled eggs, try decreasing the amount of mayonnaise you use and replacing it with nonfat Greek yogurt, and a small squirt of mustard.  This will add protein and save you fat and calories.

Chips and dip: Classic potato chips with French onion dip are a high in fat and calories.  To lighten this easy appetizer, try making your own French onion dip with a seasoning packet and reduced fat sour cream.  Or try a whole other option by serving pita chips and hummus or baked tortilla chips with salsa.

Cheesy Potatoes: To make this dish more health friendly, try substituting full fat mayo for low-fat mayo, full fat chicken soup for 98% fat free and full fat cheese for reduced cheddar cheese.  You won't miss the fat and you will love the flavor!

Burgers: Instead of making burgers out of ground beef that can be up to 30% fat, try using extra lean ground turkey.  Extra lean ground turkey has about 1 gram of fat per serving, if that is too much of a change for you, try lean ground turkey.  Lean ground turkey still has some fat, but far less than some varieties of ground beef.  Choose a 100% whole wheat bun rather than a nutrient lacking white bun.

Ice Cream Sundaes: Go for light or fat-free frozen yogurt when making ice cream dishes.  You will keep all of the sweet creamy flavor without the fat and calories of regular ice cream.  Instead of topping your treat with chocolate and caramel sauce, top with fresh fruit!

Lemonade:  When making lemonade, opt for a version that is sugar-free, such as Crystal Light, rather than a version that is loaded with tons of sugar.  Add lemon wedges and ice cubes to enhance the flavor and freshen it up!