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A healthy exotic fruit

Have a mango!
Have a mango!
Julie Wanner, CMA, AS, FIFHI Certified, Author of "Diabetes Can Be Sweet...Once You Bury It."

This summer is the ideal time to try a healthy exotic fruit. If you live in Hawaii, you’ll find this delicious fruit easily available since it grows here. Have diabetes and don’t feel like cooking. I have the answer for you. Grab yourself a mango and make a smoothie or a fruit salad. In addition, the mango will give an exotic flavor to your cuisine.

The mango is packed full of nutrients which will boost your immune system. Did you know that this exotic fruit contains vitamin E? It sure does. If you have diabetes, vitamin E is crucial for fighting damaging free radicals in the body. The mango will assist you in boosting the action of disease fighting antibodies. In addition, the mango contains vitamins B-3, C, beta-carotene and fiber. When you have diabetes, it’s essential to have adequate levels of vitamin C to prevent serious complications from this disease. The results of a meta-analysis featured in the Journal of the American Heart Association have revealed that higher vitamin C levels have been linked to a lower risk of a stroke.

Sometimes, when you live in paradise you take it for granted and don’t even realize you have a healthy exotic fruit growing in your backyard. If we can grow more organic fruits and vegetables our health will improve. Also, we can help our family, friends, and neighbors eat healthier. What a wonderful way to assist others. By doing this, you’re paying it forward.

This summer when the weather is hot and humid reach for a glass of cold alkaline water and a cool refreshing mango fruit salad. Sound delicious? It sure is.

Please share your mango recipes here in the comment section. Much mahalo to all of my readers!