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A Healthier Way

In the interest of attaining a healthy diet, it is important to address the amount of dietary fat ingested. Aim to limit fat calories in your diet to the so-called good fats. These are the fats that fight the effects of saturated and trans fats. The "bad" fats are associated with heart disease, higher risk of stroke, and increased cholesterol levels.

Remember that to just cut fat from your diet doesn't necessarily mean better nutrition or even calorie savings. You also have to limit refined sugars and sodium intake. Portion control is still a priority. Whether you are dining out or at home, you can make smart dietary choices.

Here are 5 simple ways to cut fat from your diet:

1. Use nonfat milk in your coffee.

2. Use whole grain toast with quality preserves.

3. Use 2 egg whites to replace 1 whole egg.

4. Eat lean meat such as turkey, chicken breast, or pork tenderloin.

5. Oven fry instead of pan fry.

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