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A healing experience at Freedom Service Dogs rescue


Last week I had the pleasure of tagging along with Shelley Wallen and some Healing Touch for Animals (HTA) students while they visited a local dog rescue operation. Every month Shelley tries to organize an outing to a different shelter/rescue in the area which has a double-sided benefit: the volunteering students are given the chance to practice what they are learning and the animals most in need of some love and care are given just that. Best of all, because it is a volunteer process, there is no cost to the shelter/rescue for the services provided by HTA students!


I have yet to take the introductory Level 1 course with HTA, so I went as an observer and took pictures of the event. While the idea of energy work may be new to many, the proof that it works (very well, in fact, for those who have spent the time & energy to learn the process) is in the results.

Freedom Service Dogs is an organization that visits local shelters to find dogs that pass a series of tests and have a good chance of being trained for a new life as a service dog for a disabled veteran. It is a wonderful program that rescues dogs that may feel unwanted or perhaps have come from a sad past and gives them a new purpose in life: to serve! Some may be companion animals while others may go further in their ability and become a specialized service dog that is paired up with a disabled veteran who is in need of the services these dogs are trained to provide.

HTA employs many aspects in the work they train their students to carry out in service of our animal companions. Essential oils, pendulums and a healthy dose of intuition are all tools of the trade. I watched some very easily observed & dramatic changes come across a few dogs and a general sense of relaxation and enjoyment from all of them during & after their time with the HTA students. In talking with a few people that night I was given the impression that while HTA works with energy flow, not everyone who learns it is satisfied with simply feeling what they are doing. There are always those who want to understand the process, to know the science behind the action: Why does this WORK? HTA will teach you not only the how but the why as well.

Human beings are not the only casualties of a poor economy, our pets are suffering and are in need of more than just good homes: they need a lot of love and a sense of feeling wanted, needed & loved. If you have no inclination to learn HTA or other types of healing therapies to use in the service of animals, perhaps you can find time to volunteer at a local shelter/rescue organization in simply helping the animals recover the emotional blow of being abandoned. Animals are not Mr. Spock, they really do have emotional needs and being abused and/or abandoned can & does cause them much pain. We (you & me) may not have contributed to this emotional burden but we have the power to heal it.

If you would like to learn more about HTA you can visit Shelley’s website or call her at 303-947-8588 and if you would like to learn more about the work being done at the Freedom Service Dogs rescue, call them at 303-922-6231 or visit their website. You can also drop by and speak with them easy enough; they are located at 2000 West Union Avenue in Englewood.



  • cousin Diana 5 years ago

    I have said for so long that when deciding to get a new furry family member make sure that you can provide a life long home for this critter it is the saddest to see the cute puppy or kitten grown now and just tossed aside like yesterdays papers..not fair..
    I thank God for your compassion Shelli and all those that you work with and learn from ..

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