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A head's up on the new fast frizz reduction keratin treatment at Nelson j Salon

Celebrity coif master, Nelson Chan at work at his Beverly Hills salon
Celebrity coif master, Nelson Chan at work at his Beverly Hills salon
Patti Pietschmann

During lunch at the Ivy on Robertson the women were discussing the usual female stuff from gel nails to Keratin hair treatments. “I would really love to have a Keratin treatment,” sighed Vicky, “but I just don’t have time to spend hours doing it.” “Me, too,” said the Beauty Travel Examiner who actually goes through the process on her long locks two or more times a year but doesn’t enjoy using up all those hours in a salon.

Fast and easy freedom from frizz
Courtesy Nelson Chan, Nelson j Salon

Well, thanks to Nelson Chan, women can now have a quicker treatment, that while not as long-lasting gets the job done in 45-minutes and lasts eight weeks. I jumped for joy when I got the announcement and quickly made an appointment for this Thursday, which I will write about after so do come back.

In the meantime, Nelson discussed the reasoning behind his fast frizz fix. “If grey hair wasn't enough of an eyesore for women 40 and older, frizzy hair has become another telltale sign of aging adding to many women's woes, “ explained the founder/celebrity stylist of the award-winning Nelson j Salon ( in Beverly Hills.

"Many people don't recognize that dry, frizzy hair texture is a true sign of age, but I see this type of hair often in women 40 and older, who let it go untreated," he added. "Conquering frizz has has become the next step in the anti-aging battle, and there are ways to tame it and make hair soft, smooth, shiny and youthful through in-salon treatments, at-home hair products, as well as through changes in one's diet."

Chan’s fast Anti-Aging Frizz Reduction treatment is created to provide intense hydration and restore moisture and softness. It’s also less expensive than the full Monty costing just $85 to $105 depending on the length of your hair..

To DIY at home, Neslson recommends intense moisturizing shampoos and conditioners with key ingredients like coconut, grapeseed and argan oils, which help hydrate the hair, smooth the texture, and increase shininess and silkiness. Coconut oil intensely moisturizes and improves shine, grapeseed oil has anti-oxidant properties and contains Vitamin E, while argan oil penetrates deep into the hair shaft and smooths the rough texture. Chan also recommends using his deep-conditioning Moisture Healing Mask from his Nelson j Argan Oil 7 haircare line (, which contains argan oil, twice or three times a week for women with dry frizzy hair.

Nelson is accustomed to clients on the go from busy executives, hurried socialites, time-deprived industry regulars, stay-at-home moms, to celebrities who expect "camera ready" results in a minimum of time. His salon also offers a diverse range of color, cut, conditioning, straightening, massage, and manicure/pedicure services. The salon is located at 350 N. Bedford Drive in Beverly Hills. For more information call 310-274-1553 or visit

Come back Friday for a full report with photos of how my 45-minute beat the frizz treatment went.

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