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A haunting in Thompson Connecticut

I kept quiet about my paranormal hobby through high school and college, then “Ghost Hunters” appeared on the Syfy Channel. The program became popular fast and I found myself not being as bashful when discussing ghosts with people. I decided that in 2005, I would start up a paranormal investigation group of my own and call it Quiet Corner Paranormal.

I lived out in the “quiet corner” of Connecticut and I thought it was quite the clever name. I frequented The Thompson Library often and they regularly asked me of any interesting news in the ghost world. I told them I had started up a group and was looking for cases.

The director got immediately excited and asked if we would consider doing a presentation around Halloween, I graciously accepted the offer. We put our little Power Point presentation together and a crowd of more than sixty filled that room. After a successful presentation, we ended up in the local paper, The Thompson Villager.

Our inbox soon flooded with questions from people about the paranormal. However, one email stood out from the rest. It was from a lady named Laurie, she lived on a back road of Thompson, the town I was living in at the time. She owned an old farmhouse and shared the property with various livestock. She owned several cattle, chickens and many barn cats.

Her main concern was the welfare of her animals, they had been dying mysteriously and frequently. She and her family had experienced a lot of paranormal activity in the house and on the property; one apparition appeared so frequently, she had a name. The homeowner’s daughter called the spirit “Manda” and when the home’s history was researched, it was found that a woman named Miranda had passed away in the home. Miranda appeared in the kitchen the most often.

She was wearing period clothing and had her hair in a ponytail. Miranda also had a habit of pulling the covers off of the sleeping homeowner at night. Her daughter’s bedroom door had a mysterious habit of moving on its own as well. There was frequent activity out in the barn, even though Laurie had cows she never milked them but the odd thing was, she often heard the sounds of cows being milked. The clink sound of buckets and disembodied footsteps filled the air.

There was other activity in the barn such as, old electronic children’s toys coming to life suddenly and there was just general feeling of uneasiness in certain parts of it. We agreed with Laurie to investigate her home on a chilly February evening in 2006. We started our investigation in the barn.

We left recorders in the machine shop to capture any disembodied voices and began walk the rest of the barn to take photos. Things started to happen almost immediately, I remember jumping slightly as pebble was thrown at me from the darkness. We walked into the larger barn area where they kept the tractors. Movement towards the back caught my eye and a black shadow faded slowly before my eyes. Unfortunately the rest of my team were behind me and did not witness the shadow.

The rest of the investigation in the barn was quiet; we went into the house afterwards, trying to shake off the chill of cold winter air. We explored the house and didn’t witness anything unusual. We left at about ten that evening, I distinctly remember being awake for most of that evening, listening to the recordings and looking at the many photos we had taken. I didn’t hear anything in the recordings but an odd mist had appeared in the back part of the barn where I had seen the shadow.

I spoke with Laurie the next day and she informed that another paranormal group from The Rhode Island area was coming to visit the home next weekend. They were Thomas D’Agostino and Arlene Nicholson, a husband and wife team from New England Paranormal United Research Society or N.E.P.U.R.S for short. I returned to the Morin house the next weekend to investigate with them.

We didn’t come up with much in terms of evidence or activity but I did find myself getting along quite well the couple. I continued researching the Morin house but decided to move to western Massachusetts the next year. Laurie's animals are thriving just fine and Tom and Arlene continued to work with her to better understand what is happening in her home. The activity has picked up at the home, here is an excerpt from the N.E.P.U.R.S website on Tom and Arlene’s current evidence.

These were unsettling instances that prompted Arlene and I to return. On May 22, we made a second attempt to contact the spirits of the house with fellow investigators, Rich and Ally. We set up our equipment in the specified rooms and barn and let the night begin. Arlene used the cards and rods to field and answer questions while the cameras and recorders captured the moments in hopes of recording something paranormal.
The night went smooth but when I played back the video in the bedroom, it showed the lights dim, the EMF meter start going off and then the camera went fuzzy. You could still see the light on the meter still blinking but it was as if something translucent was standing in front of the camera lens. This went on for about 35 seconds before the camera cleared, the lights went back up and the meter stopped.
We also recorded EVPs from the room. Arlene and Ally were playing with a cat that was nursed in that room. During this time, voices came through telling them to "STOP", "GO," and mocking their laughter by saying, "HA, HA, HA." Later, we held a vigil in the room and asked how many of the owner's children died. We got a faint but audible answer, "NONE, THEY ALL LIVED."

We returned on June 6 to see if we could find any more information on the spirits that still tenant the Morin house. In the barn, we received a few EVPs as well. When we first entered the barn, I thought I heard a voice. We recorded, asking the spirit to repeat what it had said. When we played the recorder back there was a voice telling us to "GO AWAY." Incidentally, Mark has his own home improvement business and Lori makes special custom plaques for gravestones that are high quality, and last forever. They are extremely affordable as well. One of her most popular orders has to do with pet markers. Perhaps it is no coincidence that this little farm holds spirits that are attracted to the animal kingdom.

Laurie’s home will be featured on the Animal Planet program, “The Haunted” in the future. I will let my readers know as soon as I get a definitive date.

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