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'A Haunted House 2': Behind the scenes clips

B-roll footage was released yesterday to YouTube channels Geek Mundo and Screen Slam from the haunting spoof sequel "A Haunted House 2", which stars Marlon Wayans.

Wayans plays Malcolm, a man clearly terrified of any semblance of paranormal activity, who moves into a new home with his girlfriend, Megan, played by Jaime Pressly, and her two children. And, of course, the new home is plagued with supposed paranormal activity.

In one of the clips of the b-roll, we see the priest, played by Cedric the Entertainer, conducting an exorcism on the 'possessed' teenage daughter, Becky. During the exorcism, the light bulb turns off which causes Malcolm to scream wildly and drift into a banshee-like hysteria.

In another clip, we see Malcolm and Miguel, played by Gabriel Iglesias, conducting a ritual. Miguel calls out to the spirits saying, "This is the house of the living, not of the dead. Move towards the light and beyond." Malcolm then chimes in by 'swearing' at the ghost, which the 'spirits' respond to by breaking a glass in front of them. This, in turn, causes the two men to cling to each other in fear.

If these were true events, this house would be a paranormal investigator’s haven, and would be the sort of activity that would have investigators busy for years.

In an interview uploaded to the YouTube channel at Screen Slam, Wayans points out that "A Haunted House 2" is a horror comedy, not a parody. He went on to explain the similarities of horror movies and comedies. "They kind of share the same rhythm, in that in horror you build the tension, and then you release it with a scare. In comedy, you build the tension, and then you release it with a laugh", said Wayans.

"A Haunted House 2" hits theatres April 18, 2014. Let the craziness begin.

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