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A Hard Day's Night rocks the Cinefamily

Unless you spent too much time on the international space station you have probably heard that 2014 marks the 50th anniversary of the Beatles first appearance on the Ed Sullivan show as well as their introduction to American television audiences. The rest as they say is history. Along with that it should also be noted that a little film starring John, Paul, George and Ringo also made it's debut 50 years ago. A small budget feature entitled “A Hard Day's Night”.

A treat for fans was an introduction by festival curators Allison and Tiffany Anders plus vintage Beatles music videos and clips.
A treat for fans was an introduction by festival curators Allison and Tiffany Anders plus vintage Beatles music videos and clips.
Photo by Sal Gomez
The Cinefamily Theater
Photo by Sal Gomez

Now a newly remastered print with a remixed monaural soundtrack in 5.1 surround has been released on DVD and Blu-Ray to celebrate what many believe to be the greatest rock n roll movie ever made...some say the greatest film...period. It is also being released for a limited theatrical run so the fans can experience this film where it was meant to be a theater.

The Cinefamily at The Silent Movie Theater in Los Angeles has been playing the film since July 3rd when it kicked off the annual “Don't Knock The Rock” summer film and music festival. Curated by film director Allison Anders and her daughter music supervisor Tiffany Anders, the festival will mark it's 10th anniversary this year. And a dream exhibit of the Beatles film was, well... a dream come true for Allison and Tiffany.

With a packed house of devoted fans the film hit the screen with that famous opening cord of A Hard Days Night the film took off. And what a treat it was. The film has never looked better and indeed the soundtrack was amazing to experience. The magic of this film directed by Richard Lester is in the youthful exuberance of the time singularly expressed through his lens to remind us of what was to come. The excitement of youth and the first chance to be what we wanted to be at that moment will never be duplicated. But the true magic are those four young men and their music. Their impact is never more evident than in that closing medley in the tv show scenes. Richard often lets the camera linger on each of these fellows and I found myself mesmerized by each of them. So much energy and talent captured forever on film. They will never grow old or long as A Hard Day's Night is still around

If you want to see this film in the theater you still have time. The Cinefamily in conjunction with the Don't Knock The Rock fest will run the film until July 17th so get out there and enjoy one of the most perfect, fun filled films ever made. Oh and The Beatles are in it too!

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