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A happy hour that won't cost you "A Latte" money

Witness this behind a safe, glass partition, sipping Cafe Au Lait in golden silence...
Witness this behind a safe, glass partition, sipping Cafe Au Lait in golden silence...
A Latte Fun website

If you’re looking for an indoor play area with bounce houses, trampolines, dress-up rooms, dollhouses, train sets and a slide that dumps your child into a deep pit full of rubber foam blocks, then A Latte Fun, in Coral Springs is ready to sock it to ya! By that I mean, parents and children must wear socks, or pay an extra $2 per person (on top of the $10-a-head admission charge) to get in.

In defense of what seems like an exorbitant amount for play…

I like A Latte Fun for my 4 and 2 year old (turning 5 and 3 in April) because it’s like a blend of all the things that take us a week to do individually. I'm reminded of the "12 bowls of other cereal to equal 1 bowl of Total!" concept.

Case in point: we make special trips to the Barnes & Noble on Glades because its got a train set. So does A Latte Fun. We go to Pump It Up in Margate because we like jumping and falling on inflatable and/or harmless surfaces; A Latte Fun has that. We go to My Gym for "open play" hour because for a whole sixty minutes we can do exactly what we do at A Latte Fun for as many hours as we want.

Want more examples?

We go to the McDonald’s on the corner of Powerline and Hillsboro because we can eat next to PlayLand. At a Latte Fun, you can eat near “a land of play”, too.

I’m not advocating you buy a $5 basket of dinosaur shaped chicken nuggets at A Latte Fun. It ain’t cheap to eat there like it is at Mickey D's, but they do make MUCH better coffee than Ronald McDonald. They also have a dedicated staff who will keep an eye on your children if you want to remain at bay, alone and drinking coffee in the glassed off portion of the establishment. With my nose inches from the sparkling glass partition the last time we were there, I watched cheerful teenage girls play with my kids, and felt like I was shopping in a pet store. Is that a terrible thing to say? Oh, well…it’s not a terrible thing to read a magazine from cover to cover for the first time in three months.

Anyway, with breathless and slightly ashamed excitement, I am writing this column to report A Latte Fun’s "Happy Hour" on Wednesdays; from 3 to 5pm, it’s half price admission and there’s a story hour to boot. Now I can scratch off “going to the library” as just one of the many things available at A Latte Fun! 12 bowls of Total or a colonic for your wallet; you decide! I say it's worth the price of admission!

5855 Wiles Road
Coral Springs, FL 33067
Ph. 954-755-2000
Fax 954-252-3890



  • PK 5 years ago

    You are too funny !!!

  • PF 5 years ago

    You really are! : )

  • Michelle 5 years ago

    Sorry I can't agree with you...the staff sucks royally, could possibly be because we are not of their ethnic persuasion therefore we weren't offered the same opportunities as the other paying customers. Thumbs down for "a latte fun"

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