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A happy ending for a deserving horse whose life was saved

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Life for many horses can be somewhat precarious during these current times. Take a North Carolina horse's case, for instance. Parker’s story was written by Donna Swicegood in the Statesville Record & Landmark on May 14, 2014 and illustrates how quickly a horse goes from a good, dependable existence to a threatened fate.

The horse named Parker escaped serious injury in an accident in which his horse friend lost his life. Despite his luck to survive the accident, Parker’s existence was threatened again when his owner did not claim him while he was held by the Iredell County Animal Services and Control where they could no longer keep him.

The unclaimed innocent horse found himself at an auction – without any bids – and his future was suddenly questionable and very grim – he would have to be put down.

Then came the magical email that turned things around for Parker. Julie Dearmin, a lifelong animal lover and past horsewoman opened an email describing Parker and his impending fate. She knew immediately that she needed to help him and sprang into action on his behalf.

Dearmin who operates a greyhound rescue has ample room for a horse. It really did not matter that she was out of riding practice for many years. She set things into motion. Her only remaining problem was transporting Parker since she did not own a trailer. Her pasture was ready and waiting for Parker and it was up to her to get him there. When all efforts to secure a ride for Parker failed, she contacted animal control for help. They agreed to ship Parker to his new home with Dearmin.

Swicegood writes this about Parker and Dearmin:

Parker is settling in nicely, and is proving to be a loving, gentle horse. He enjoys being groomed and getting petted and especially likes drinking water from a bottle.

Dearmin has kept folks abreast of Parker’s journey via her Facebook page, and ironically -- since no one stepped forward in three months to adopt Parker -- she’s now getting offers to take him in, but that’s not going to happen. ‘He’s mine now,’ she said.

The lucky horse is making himself a loving home with Dearmin. Not much is known about Parker except for the “guesstimates” that he is around 20 years of age or something like that. He certainly is no youngster.

Dearmin figured out quickly that Parker is a kind and gentle horse. He is willing and able to work with his human and both have teamed up to become a happy pair.

To better figure out Parker’s background, Dearmin has sought out the help of horse experts Troy and Angela MacLean. They met Parker and scoped out his personality, temperament and abilities as well as getting his hooves straightened out.

Parker is also getting the works from a veterinarian who is tending to his health and wellbeing and teeth.

Dearmin is groundworking with Parker and has been on his back. She spends as much time as possible bonding and working with the gentle horse.

Says Dearmin,

He is as nice a horse as he can be.

Kudos to Dearmin for saving the horse and also to Swicegood for introducing us to both Dearmin and Parker.

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