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A happily ever after lifetime guarantee

Happily ever after
Happily ever after
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Every couple dreams of the marital bliss that is to come after the big wedding day, but many couples are not equipped with the skills and tools necessary to achieve that dream. Contrary to popular belief, marriage is no walk in the park. It takes a lot of work in addition to commitment, understanding and compromise. A lot of couples in Utah do not think they will need any kind of marriage therapy until after the wedding day — when the waters get a little rough. The reality is, the most successful couples address problems even before the aisle is sprinkled with rose petals or the bridesmaids complain about their dresses.

Pre-marital therapy helps Utah couples navigate those rough waters before they are in too deep. Learning to deal with the stresses that come along with marriage is a big part of marriage therapy. It is not uncommon for couples to get engaged while they are still in the romantic stage of infatuation. According to the Relationship Institute, the romantic love stage of a committed relationship lasts from about six months to two years. That may seem like a long time, but it is actually the shortest of all of the stages. Utah couples that begin their marital relationship during this stage have no idea what is to come when reality hits.

Through pre-marriage therapy, couples will learn that the endorphins experienced while dating and through the engagement do not last. Many couples will find that after the excitement of a big wedding celebration is over, things get tough.

In 2006, the University of Denver published a study about premarital education and divorce. For couples that had participated in marriage therapy before they were married, the divorce rate was reduced by 30 percent. This is a significant finding considering that the national average rate of divorce is 50 percent.

Utah couples that do participate in marriage therapy before the actual marriage will need to learn how to get through a number of trying times. The subjects range from things like dealing with in-laws, how to prevent affairs, communication skills and how to resolve conflict.

Arguments and rough patches are unavoidable in a marriage, but if you learn how to communicate and work through each issues before the “I do’s,” you are more likely to have a long lasting, successful marriage. If more couples participated in pre-marriage therapy, most marriages would not reach that crisis point that typically ends in divorce.

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