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A handful of Republicans oppose Palin's call for Obama's impeachment

Sarah Palin is finding out that increasing numbers of her fellow Republicans oppose her call for the impeachment of President Obama.
Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Former Alaska Governor and GOP Vice-Presidential candidate Sarah Palin, (R), is discovering that increasing numbers of her fellow Republicans do not support her call for the impeachment of President Obama. Several GOP members of Congress, including a Senator, have expressed outward opposition to the idea of impeachment, according to ABC News on Monday. Here, in brief, are seven GOP current office holders and/or journalists who oppose impeachment and their reasons for it:

1) Rep. Bob Goodlatte, (R,Va), opposed impeaching Obama on the grounds that he had not committed the kinds of criminal acts for which a President can be impeached under the Constitution.

2) House Speaker John Boehner, (R,Oh), stated emphatically that he disagreed both with Palin's call for impeachment and with Palin's characterization of Boehner' lawsuit against President Obama as a "gunfight."

3) Bill Kristol, (R), Editor of The Weekly Standard opposed impeachment on the grounds that it creates a "phony" issue that makes Republicans look extreme and can result in more victories for Democratic Party candidates both in 2014 and 2016. Kristol also was concerned that the impeachment of Obama, if successful, would result in Joe Biden becoming President, a possibility that Republicans most likely hold in more disdain than they do the Presidency of Barack Obama.

4) Rep. Shelley Moore Capito, (R,Wv), opposes impeachment because she feels that members of Congress need to be spending their time on the problems of our country, including the economy, job creation and attacks on the coal industry.

5) Ana Navarro, (R), ABC News contributor and Republican Strategist, opposes impeachment because "nobody of relevance" has talked of impeachment and because she feels that the focus should be on Boehner's lawsuit since it is "about constitutional powers and the separation of powers," as opposed to being about attempts to grab headlines and attract attention.

6) Rep. Cory Gardner, (R,Co), is in a tough Senate race against incumbent Senator Mark Udall (D,Co). Gardner opposes impeachment most likely because of his tight Senate race and not wanting to attract unnecessary attention to this matter; although he did not state his specific reason for opposing impeachment.

7) By far the most interesting opposition came from Palin's one time GOP running mate in 2008, Senator John McCain (R,Az). McCain opposes impeachment on the grounds that it is not what the American People want and does not "sell" well with Americans in general:

“I respect always Sarah Palin’s views, but my particular view is that we should devote our energies to regaining the majority in the Senate. I saw the impeachment scenario with former President Clinton and it was not a good thing to do. The American people didn’t like it. The American people wanted us to do their work and that was the overall opinion at the time. It did not sit well with the American people.”

It appears that the path to impeachment is going to be rough for Palin and others who advocate taking such action. Before she can convince two-thirds of the U.S. Senate to convict Obama in an impeachment hearing, she is going to have to convince two thirds of the Members of Congress to vote Articles of Impeachment in the first place. She is going to have to begin with trying to convince her fellow Republicans that voting to impeach a lame-duck President with only slightly more than two years left in office is their best option while they look over their shoulders for Democrats, Tea Party members and radical Republicans that Bill Kristol would characterize as irresponsible.

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