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A Halloween Treat : A Video Look At Witches And Witchcraft On The Silver Screen

Halloween is the time when things go bump in the night, costumed children go looking for tasty treats from friendly neighbors... and scary frightening things creep around in the dark.

One of the darkest places to find frightening creatures this time of year can be inside a movie theater or at historic Salem, Massachusetts. So, what scary entities do these two very different locales have in common ?

... why, witches of course.

Since the infamous Salem Witch Trials during colonial times, the topic of witches has provided ripe fodder for an imaginative screenwriter's creativity. While the green Wicked Witch of the West may be Hollywood's most iconic image of witchcraft as she menaced innocent Dorothy Gale and Toto: numerous films have depicted the image of the witch in varying ways. Some wickedly evil. Others more benevolent, misunderstood and a few, even lonely and lovelorn.

Boston Movie Examiner Tim Estiloz offers this video look at just a few of the witches that have cast their rivetingly mysterious spell over movie audiences over the years.

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