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A-HA moments

A few weeks ago on June 30 and July 1, Amma was in DC as part of her yearly tour. I was scheduled to interpret both that Monday and Tuesday; however because of a long weekend of walking through the marvelous streets of New York City that Friday, Saturday, and Sunday before, I was unable to interpret on Monday; both of my ankles and my left knee were swollen and I still was experiencing the remnants of a slight migraine headache. Suffice it to say, I took Monday off opting to rest both my mind and my body so that Tuesday I would be fresh and ready to interpret.

Sometimes we must be still and contemplative in order to allow A-Ha moments to flow into our awareness.
A-Ha: a moment of sudden realization, inspiration, insight, recognition, or comprehension

Without going into great detail about the events I want to mention that the interpreting went well, the deaf attendees were pleased as were the organizers who arranged to have Amma’s event interpreted, and my added blessing of receiving darshan, holy water, and a mantra from Amma added to the continued flow of energy that began several weeks ago.

This was the first time that I had the experience of being in the presence of Amma and I really didn't know what to expect. I mean over the years I've seen YouTube videos, read some things here and there, and followed her posts on Facebook but none of these carried the weight and the energy of being in a room with a few thousand other people there to be blessed transformed and awakened by being in the presence of Amma.

The thing that I find most interesting is that several weeks ago I began having a series of A-Ha moments, small glimmers of wakefulness, epiphanies if you will. The fact that I had these isn’t the thing that’s most interesting. What’s most interesting about this is the fact that I knew they were coming. This opportunity to interpret for and to be in the presence of Amma was merely one of the many confirmations that I’m on the right path.
Now what I mean by I am on the right path connects to the fact that there are times or have been times in my life when I felt confused or loss, and during these times I questioned if what I was doing was the right thing to do, if I was in the right place to be, if where I wanted to go was the right place for me to be seeking. And over the years what I found is that when I most able to simply let go and be present, the universal life force that we call God makes itself known. And in those moments of realization when I understand that God is all there is and I’m able to let go and simply be in that truth that all kinds of things that once were hidden or were confusing are now made clear and easily seen. Since the middle of June I have been receiving various insights letting me know that everything is right as it should be, right as it is meant to be, and even more importantly it is as it is!

As I think about these past few weeks and the series of epiphanies one of the stories that Amma told comes to mind. She told the story of a man who was driving his car through the city happens to look outside of his window and noticed a chicken running beside his car. The man marveled at this because his car was driving at about 40 miles an hour which meant the chicken was running 40 miles an hour. Amazed by this the man sped up 45, 50 and to his amazement the chicken was still there running beside the car. 55, 65 the man sped up and still the chicken kept pace with the car. Unable to believe that a chicken could run this fast the man proceeded to follow the chicken for the rest of the day. Once he slowed down and began to follow the chicken, he noticed that the chicken had three legs! He surmised that this was what gave the chicken its incredible speed. Finally the chicken went home and the man followed. Immediately, the man went to the farmer telling him about his amazing day of disbelief and asking how is it that this chicken came to have three legs.

The farmer proceeded to tell the man that his son, who was a genetic engineer, had altered the chickens DNA thus creating the third leg. Curious the man asked but why would he create a third leg? The farmer continued by telling the man that his son while growing up realized that every time they had chicken someone was left without a favorite part, the leg. You see in their household it was the farmer himself, his wife, and his son and so when dinnertime arrived and it was time to serve the chicken there were only two legs which always left someone without that favorite part, the leg. So the son created a chicken with three legs that way all three family members would always have a leg come dinnertime. The man shocked, and amazed at the genius of this man’s son said to the farmer, you must tell me how the chicken tastes. The farmer replied, if only I knew. You see the third leg makes the chickens so fast none of us have ever been able to catch it let alone cook it and eat it.

So often we are spinning our wheels chasing and chasing and chasing some external and elusive thing that had we been wise enough to simply be we would've realized that the very thing that we sought, peace, joy, love, or contentment was already within our grasp. Had the farmer’s son been content to enjoy the chicken as it was, the family could have enjoyed chicken for as long as they so desired however; because, he was not content he, sought to change it therefore losing the very thing that he’d already had. Interestingly enough, many of us are like the farmer’s son; we seek outside of ourselves that which we already possess. The moment we stop and realize that we cannot find and that we will not find peace, love, joy, contentment, or God outside of ourselves is the precise moment that we realize, awaken, and are enlightened.

As I close here to go contemplate some of my other epiphanies, I’d like to ask you, what moments of lucid awareness have come to you recently? Are there any A-Ha moments that you may have unconsciously ignored or did not give your full attention to? Take some time today, sit still in the silence and simply be and allow the moments of wakefulness to rise from within; that still small voice of the divine is always communicating with us. We need only silence the ego long enough that we hear the messages loud and clear.

Take that time for yourself and get connected, you'll be glad you did.


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