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A guide to Nashville's southern style cuisine scene

Fried in the south / eaten quickly
Photo by: Roger Kirby

With travel as it is today, we can go anywhere in the world at a whim. The United States has an abundance of amazing cities with a wide variety of cuisines for all sorts of different tastes. If you are lucky enough to visit the great city of Nashville Tennessee there is an abundance of choices for true “Southern Style” cooking. While there are a multitude of different cuisines across this great country of ours, “Southern Style” cooking is a cuisine unto itself. Three top choices for Southern Style cuisine in the Nashville area would have to include, Arnolds Country Kitchen, downtown Nashville on 8th street, The Southern Steak and Oyster , also downtown on 3rd street and last but defiantly not least the famous Loveless Café, on hwy 100 at the northern most entrance to the Natchez Trace.

You might be asking yourself, what does “Southern Style” cooking entail. Well here’s a little secret, southern style cooking includes hand crafted, usually totally from scratch, biscuits, fried chicken, okra…the list could go on, oh don’t forget butter, lots and lots of butter. In general southern style cooking is not diet food.

At The Southern Steak and Oyster one of their most popular items is Chicken Fried Chicken, which if you haven’t had it, it’s like Chicken Fried Steak but, you guessed it with chicken. At the Loveless Café they are known for their biscuits. In fact Bobby Flay show “Throw Down with Bobby Flay” he challenged Carol Fay Ellison “The Biscuit Lady” to a contest to see who could make the best biscuits, Bobby Flay lost with a unanimous crowd decision. Now Arnolds Country Kitchen is your traditional meat and three. You pick your meat and up to three vegetables. The choices can range from fried okra to collard greens, to anything in between. Just a side note, macaroni and cheese is considered a vegetable at a meat and three.

In general southern style restaurants are a great place for a family to get together for good food and a friendly atmosphere. In Nashville your southern food might even include one of our local country music stars sitting at the table next to you. Southern cuisine and country music go hand and hand.

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