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A Guide to Home Maintenance Season-by-Season

Fall Home Maintenance & Improvements
Fall Home Maintenance & Improvements
Fall Home Maintenance & Improvements

Like the body, the home requires routine maintenance to ensure well-being. Exteriors, appliances, plumbing and heating and airing systems need to be inspected regularly to avoid expensive and troublesome repairs once they deteriorate. To make maintenance easier, tasks can be divided by season, location or difficulty.

4 Seasons
4 Seasons

Home maintenance should begin with upholding function inside the home. Scan each room of the home for areas that need upkeep.

  • Thoroughly clean kitchen appliances that are used on a daily basis and develop buildup.
  • Clean molding and panels along walls.
  • Inspect sinks, showers and tubs for tile damage or deteriorated caulking.
  • Clear dryer of excess lint.
  • Dust blinds and curtains.
  • Organize the garage and put away dangerous appliances or tools that are usually left out.

Maintenance of the yard and outer perimeter of the home is just as important as that inside.

  • Clean drains with baking soda and vinegar, then flush with water after ten minutes.
  • Remove leaves from gutters and spouts.
  • Inspect roof and chimney for damaged, missing or loose shingles and bricks, respectively.
  • Wash window exteriors.
  • Clean outdoor furniture.

Monthly Maintenance
Inspecting areas of the home on a regular basis will prevent having to do intense projects when they need work.

  • Clean furnace filter by removing dust buildup.
  • Check water softener and replenish salt drum if necessary.
  • Flush garbage disposal with hot water and baking soda.
  • Inspect sink drains for clogs or holes and clean as necessary.
  • Change air filters when needed.
  • Check the fire extinguisher to ensure it is within quick reach, shows adequate pressure and has no damage.

Seasonal Maintenance
Some tasks are specific to each season and thus must be carried out in preparation for changing weather conditions.

Winter tasks are meant to prepare the home and yard for cold weather and wet conditions.

  • Close crawl space vents near the home's foundation.
  • Cover the air conditioning unit.
  • Uncover shovels or snow blowers and place them where they can be easily retrieved.
  • Inspect the property for ice buildup and safely remove it if possible.

Spring tasks focus on renewing the home and preparing for a healthy and beautiful lawn.

  • Refresh damaged paint
  • Inspect lawn mower and test it.
  • Fertilize grass.
  • Test smoke detectors
  • Replace any damaged wood in fences and decks and refinish dull wood.
  • Power wash home's exterior.

Summer projects keep the yard green and lush and keep the home cool from rising temperatures.

  • Open crawl space vents at the foundation.
  • Prune shrubs and trees.
  • Handle pest problems by clearing cobwebs and stocking up on ant poison.

As fall is usually dry with moderate temperatures, it is one of the best times to tackle improvement projects around the home.

  • Check fireplace for damage.
  • Seal cracks or holes in window frames.
  • Touch up exterior paint.
  • Set rodent traps where needed.

Most home maintenance tasks can be done individually, but some will require the assistance of professionals, such as electrical inspections.

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