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A Guide to Bike Accident Claims

Bike Accident Claims
Bike Accident Claims

Bike riding is gradually becoming extremely popular among the younger generations. Since it’s a fast sport, it involves various risks. Bike accidents are the most dangerous out of the lot; it results into very grave injuries. This is the reason why bike accident claims are the most essential and helpful. As mentioned earlier, this sport involves a lot of speed and the people riding at neck-break speed are the ones, who are mostly at the risk. Invariably, these situations lead to collisions with other vehicles. Such accidents maybe fatal and it is your right to demand claims if you are victimized by severe injuries are due to someone else’s irresponsibility.

Though you have a right to your claims, you should be sure that the accident was the other party’s fault; otherwise your claim would be useless. Statistics prove that almost sixty percent of the people travelling on roads comprehend four wheelers to be the main reason behind accidents completely ignoring the presence of motor cyclists and bike riders; this fact has been authenticated by Motorcycle Accident Group (MAG). This mainly results in two major problems.

1. It essentially increases the probability of car drivers colliding with riders on bikes since they will mostly be unaware of the presence of the latter.

2. Considering that the bike riders are driving responsibly, they are still under massive peril since the others’ nonchalance increases risks.

In such unfortunate cases, what you need to do mostly is ask for advice from legal solicitors and lawyers. The following are certain guidelines to know exactly what to do when you face such situations for bike accident claims.

The Initial Process- The primary concern for every individual whether directly or indirectly related to the accident should be the safety of everyone present. After the necessary medical treatment, legal counsel should be sought after. While you are communicating with your lawyers, you will be asked to provide the vital details which advocate your case; after this you will be given an approximate interim period which will be required to reach a plausible conclusion of the case. But there are certain pre requisites to each case.

1. It is completely your decision to continue further with lawyer that you spoke to.
2. You may ask for a “No win No fee” arrangement. It will be the solicitor’s discretion to accept or deny.
3. You may want to fix up a meeting with the lawyers to decide on the fee structure.

In case of cycle accidents, the mostly observed points are the minor injuries, which may be settled directly with the party involved and their insurance companies. But in certain cases, the accident is major, which leave the motorcycle completely damaged and the rider vehemently injured. During such cases, it is necessary to know exactly what needs to be done.

Types of Cycle Accident Claims- Firstly, you need to be absolutely certain about the fact that the accident was the other party’s fault and you were the victim in the event.

1. Cycle Accident Claims for Accidents Caused by Pedestrians- Mostly due to complete lack of awareness on their part, the pedestrians are responsible for accidents. For example, hurriedly trying to cross roads; wanting to by-pass each other during signals etc. These actions lead to accidents and in such cases you have full right to a claim.

2. Cycle Accident Claims for Accidents caused by other Vehicles- These happen mostly when the riders of the other vehicles manage to dislodge the cycle rider causing grave injuries. Again, in such cases, it is your complete right to demand for compensation and lay a claim.