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A guide that teaches hardworking parents how to have a balanced life

My Cup Runneth Over

As a parent, have you ever felt there aren’t enough hours in a day to work, spend time with your family, and actually enjoy life? Unfortunately, today this is not something that might happen from time to time, when the daily schedule is busier than usual, but it is a common occurrence. Parents tend to focus more on providing for their children and offering them everything they need, instead of focusing on being with them and seeing them grow up before their eyes. The painful truth is that American families today need help. Just as you give 100% at the office and make sure you deliver quality work and reach your deadlines, you should give 100% in your family life. People make plans for their careers and future projects, but they fail to see that a plan for family goals may be the answer to their problems.

Daryl D. Green and his wife are two working parents with full-time jobs and three active children. Many might think that their daily program is overwhelming, but the two have discovered a way to improve their family life and spend more time with their children without neglecting their jobs. The method they use is called Meshing, and it has been developed by Daryl D. Green, who has decided to share it with all parents around the world by explaining how it works in his book, ‘My Cup Runneth Over’.

‘My Cup Runneth Over’ is a guide that any parent should consider reading. The Meshing technique is very original and well-thought, and it gives great results the moment you start applying it. It is based on the idea of setting goals for the family just as you set goals for your work. It focuses on practical solutions that can be followed by anyone with a minimum effort. The only thing a parent needs to start making important changes is the desire to try this new approach, and the determination to stick to the plan.

In the Introduction, the author explains what Meshing is, how it works, and how it can improve someone’s family life. It is better to have a personal coach who can assist the parents and children in goal setting, as he/she will help them focus on the important matters, and teach them how to make a viable plan that will not become too difficult and overwhelming through the year. Then, the author discusses Meshing in relation to spirituality, finance, and career, because the purpose of this method is to unite all of them in such a way that the family is never excluded. At the end of the book, readers will find a section dedicate to Suggested Readings in case they want to read more on parenting and how they can balance their family life.

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