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A guide that teaches children social skills, good manners, and integrity

The SMART Playbook

It has never been more difficult for parents to educate their children than it is today because of how technology keeps everyone busy and distracted from the important things in life. While parents are busy working and providing for their family, children are busy spending all their free time in front of the computer, playing online games, e-mailing, and texting. Many of them have even come to believe online friends are better than real friends, thus failing to develop the social skills required by the society they will eventually have to face as grown-ups. So, how can parents fight all these distractions and teach their children good manners, empathy, confidence, and integrity when they are not particularly interested in these skills? Author Suzanne M. Wind has written the 2014 must-have parenting guide for all families - ‘The SMART Playbook: Game-Changing Life Skills for a Modern World’.

As a mother of three, the author found herself in the difficult situation of teaching old-fashioned life skills to a new generation. She knew she had to find a different, fun way to do it, because only by challenging her children with entertaining games could she draw their attention and make them understand the importance of learning the social skills her own parents had taught her when she was young. ‘The SMART Playbook’ contains all the useful information she found in the parenting guides and the kids manner and character books she read over the years, but it also contains over 100 games and challenges that will help parents teach their kids everything they need to know in a unique, creative way.

The first few chapters are focused on the structure and the rules of the game, and the roles of the parents and children. The parents will be the coaches, while the kids will be the players. Both parties need to know how the activities will take place, and they have to agree on their roles. It’s especially important for children to understand why they are playing these games, and to know that, even though they are fun and relaxing, the goal is for them to learn skills that will help them find their place in this world and society as successful people.

These are the 5 SMART topics that parents will teach their children with the help of this guide:
Social Skill Basics – The Principles of modern manners
Mealtime manners – A guide to mealtime manners
Art of conversation – Eloquent face-to-face conversational skills
Restaurant behavior – The finer points of restaurant conduct
Technology talk – Internet safety and responsible usage

‘The SMART Playbook’ can also be purchased by chapter from the book’s website, thus offering parents the possibility of choosing only the topics they want to discuss with their children. As a bonus, they can join the launch party on the website to receive a FREE coach guide.

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