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A grinch's plan for surviving Christmas week

Alot of people love the holidays. After all, cheery lights deck the hoods, families come together for massive feasts, and there are PS3's under the tree. Claymation Rudolph is always on some channel, and you might even score some time off work if you're one of the lucky ones.

But for alot of us, the holidays suck. It means spending money you dont have, dealing with creepy uncles and overbearing aunts, being forced to go to church, and having other peoples' happiness suckle all the Christmas cheer right out of your grinchy black soul. It's a son-of-a-gun if you catch the drift, but that doesn't mean that you cant do some things for yourself to help get through "the most wonderful time of the year".

1. Write a list of all the things you hate about the holidays. Check it twice. Be very naughty. And then post it in the commentary. We'll laugh and cry together.

2. Go to Midnight Mass, sit in the front row, sing very loudly. It's frickin' hilarious. Especially when you take communion with tears of laughter in your eyes. The priest totally thinks you're moved by the spirit of Jesus Christ.

3. Wear an ugly christmas sweater to the family gathering. And pack a secret flask that ties around your ankle. Believe me, the sweater somehow sucks some of the crappiness out of the air. Plus, the smell of whiskey totally trumps the stench of Grandma's over-utilized perfume. Win-win.

4. Buy yourself the gift of laughter. What? You may ask. Well, there is a TON of awesome comedy happening in Denver this week, and what better way to forget about the holidays then to laugh your sorrows away with the help of some awesome local talent?? You dont have to thank us. You're already welcome.

Here's a quick schedule of the upcoming week in Denver comedy...hold on to your santa hats!

Chuck Roy's Dirty Holiday Show, Comedy Works Downtown, Dec. 23rd @ 8pm, $15+drinks 

Steve Gastineau, Comedy Works South, Dec. 23rd @ 7:30pm, $15+drinks           

Los Comicos Super Hilariosos, Orange Cat Studios, Dec 26th @ 9pm, $5 (Remember the interview with Dan Soder?? Well, he's performing at this show with Wrist Deep Productions, a group of hysterical Denver comics, and for five bucks?? Come on you guys! This cant be beat!)

Josh Blue, Comedy Works Downtown, Dec. 26th @ 10:30pm, $22.00+drinks

Bryan Kellen, Comedy Works South, Dec. 26th @ 7:30pm & 9:00pm, $20+drinks


  • Tom Walsh 4 years ago

    I have actually done one of those things, though I will not tell which one. You should aslo check out the comedy show coming up at Casselman's Bar and Venue.

  • Nicole Qualtieri, Denver Comedy Examiner 4 years ago

    Thanks Tom! I'll definitely give them a call and see what the story is!



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