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A grey world full of opportunity

Going grey but not away!
Going grey but not away!

In case you have not noticed, the percentage of people around us with grey hair is getting greater as each year goes by. According to David Foot by 2011, the projected number of people in Canada over the age of 55 will be close to 10 million people, a third of the population. Just 10 years ago, that percentage was just over one fifth of the population.  

Statistics captured in Quebec suggest the population in this province is aging at a slightly faster rate than the rest of the country. Based on the number of new residences advertised for senior citizens in Montreal, this seems to support the numbers!

The implications for businesses both large and small are huge. These range from a major decline in candy sales, particularly around 'Halloween' to ever increasing sales of ED pills such as Cialis. For those businesses interested in seeing how this trend is likely to benefit or hinder future opportunities, The Gazette  is currently running a special feature called 'Grey New World', with segments that get to the heart of all things important to those advancing in years.

If you are in housing, travel, retail, investments, leisure time and health care, these are just some of the sectors that will be greatly impacted by our rapidly aging population in the years ahead.

So, whether you are running a hair salon or party shop, restuarant or dental practice, your insight into how this trend is already affecting your business or you think will, is important to this Examiner. Please submit your feedback via the comment or e-mail button above.