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A Greener Pasture

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Being a filmmaker is not something that most can endure. It is a path full of negativity and doubt; and for our protagonist, it is really all he has. Day to day, he has worked to perfect his craft and stand out, but to no avail. Then, after 20 years of marriage, his wife reveals that she despises him and everything he does. Rather than feeling sorry for himself, he chooses to use his art and recreate his day-to-day life in an uplifting meaningful way. This is what the film maker has to say about his film: The idea for this story was taken partly from my own experiences in trying to follow my dreams. From a young age I was taught by those around me to make realistic goals for my future and myself. To me, there is nothing more realistic than fighting through uncertainty in the pursuit of my dreams. If I persevere, not only will I reach my dreams but I will feel proud and accomplished, knowing that I didn't give up and that at the very least, I did all I could to make it. Life is always full of hardships, negativity, and depressing realities; still, the grass is always greener on the other side. I wanted to dedicate this short film to the people working in the entertainment industry who are always facing all sorts of obstacles. In their struggle there is always a glimmer of hope. 45% of the budget accounts for the cast and crew. This includes the professional actors, the director and cameramen, and the grips and the makeup artists, as well as the lighting and production assistants. 20% of the budget will go to equipment which includes lenses for the camera, dollies, props, the green screen, jibs, and wardrobe. 15% of the budget will go to locations which includes permits and payment to use locations. 10% of the budget will take care of legal fees for contracts and copyright for the script and film. 10% of the budget will pay for marketing and festival fees. We plan to take this material to select US and International film festivals to expose this to the world. The perks include being IN the film and special thanks on IMDB.