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A green industry is considering Allentown for a new facility

Plastic bottles in trash can.
Plastic bottles in trash can.
Photo: Hyena (source Wikipedia Commons)

Atayne, a manufacturer of recycled sportswear, may be opening a manufacturing facility in Allentown this spring or early summer.  The clothing is made from recycled materials like plastics, fabric scraps, and coconut shells.  Their shirts also promote the company's green values. 

Their founder, Jeremy Litchfield, posts articles about the company and its sustainable mission on their website and candidly expresses his desire to improve the company's practices to achieve greater sustainability ethics.  The website explains that, "Atayne is a certified B Corporation. Unlike traditional companies, Certified B Corporations are legally required to consider the impact of their decisions on the long-term interests of their employees, suppliers, community, consumers, and the environment".  This isn't an easy certification to achieve.  

Another way the company serves its community and environment is by the new sport it created, called "Trash Running", in which runners collect litter as they run.  There are Trash Runner Groups in Chicago and D.C already, and people are encouraged to start them in their own towns.  While they are still a relatively young company, their motivation is strong and their ethics are admirable.  Check out their website and blogs and judge for yourselves.  Comments and suggestions are surely welcomed.