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A great self-awareness: it's in everyone

Coming out of the clouds.
Coming out of the clouds.

It all boils down to this: wellness is a state of mind. It is a way of living. Moreover, how we perceive our environment determines our state of being.

Consequently, our beliefs are creative of our life experience. It would be wrong to say that right thinking in every case overcomes limitation, because a false belief taught as a truism creates an average state of race consciousness. We can elevate our self above average thinking, but if we are attached to people, places and situations that defend a limited state of consciousness, then we must sever those attachments or suffer with the limitation.

People heal because they believe they are able to regenerate. Life Force or Prana is never destroyed. No, it is merely blocked. Taking the time to integrate with Life Force in fact is the process of regeneration.

The most profound reintegration is a transformation of one’s philosophy of life. Again, one’s belief is creative of one’s life experience. Therefore, if we believe that a disease will kill us, it probably will; however, if we believe that we have the power to unblock our connection to God (our Life Force), then we will become integrated with things that increase our resilience.

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of healing modalities, and all are as effective as your belief, dedication, and commitment to their practice amidst great challenge. I often say it takes courage to heal. In fact it takes courage to believe that we have the power to heal.

Any healing modality will assist you on your quest, but you must shift your point of view; you must change your life philosophy.

Stop thinking about self-interest. Stop thinking about others. Do not fall for the argument that being self-aware is selfish. When we remove self-interest from selfishness, we are left with self-awareness.

When we become self-aware, we become one with God, Gaia, Goddess, Love, or Prana. Life force is present in all expressions of Creation. Stop thinking about yourself and others. Instead, explore what is self, and when you do, you will discover a way of relating to everyone and everything as God does.

We are healed by our ability to love, but we are sustained by our belief that everything has a purpose. When we can accept the integrity of everyone without needing to change anything, we comprehend life as a process from which self-awareness stems. We are all one with God.


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