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A great new era.

Willford Patrick
Willford Patrick
The Mandolin Sushi and Steak House

The Mandolin Sushi and Steak House in the short time that it has been open, has quickly established itself as a must stop for sushi, steaks, and a variety of other fine Japanese entrees. With two Hibachi chefs preparing meals in the dining area, at first glance you might think that you are in a high end jackets required restaurant. But that is clearly not the case, all are welcomed and the Mandolin is very family friendly. And judging from the laughter coming from the Hibachi area, the kids and the whole family seemed to be enjoying the performance. You will be laughing as well when you see the generous portions that are being dished out at the Mandolin.

The Beef Stone Pot ($14.95) is layer upon layer of beef, vegetables, and rice. But the Mandolin is after all a sushi and steak house, and sushi is definitely their specialty. With the variety of sushi dishes being far too numerous to mention here. The presentation is also unique with their sushi dishes being brought out on replicas of ancient Japanese boats. This is another nice touch provided at the Mandolin, that really gives you that upscale feel without the upscale prices. The Mandolin Sushi and Steak House is located at 3923 S. 12th. st.

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