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A great homeschool assessment tool

The homeschool year is winding down which means assessment time is here.

Many homeschoolers choose to write narratives to relay what their children have accomplished during the year but if you're looking for a formal means of assessment try the Personalized Achievement Summary System or PASS Test.

The PASS Test can be ordered through Hewitt Homeschooling.  It is a standardized test developed specifically for homeschooler.  Your children's scores are compared with national and homeschooling populations. The test is used to assess achievement in reading, math, and language arts.  

The PASS was designed for parental administration within the home.  It's untimed and easy to use which alleviates some of the stress from what can be a stressful situation.  The authors encourage parents to break the test down into sections to be administered over the course of a week. 

You should began with the pre-tests which, once completed, will advise you as to where to begin testing.  Children fill in their answers on bubble sheets which are mailed back to the company for grading.  Results are usually mailed within three weeks.  Along with standardized results, Hewitt provides information as to what areas your child shows great strength and what can be improved upon.  They even include great activity suggestions for parents to utilize.

The PASS Test can be ordered at any time during the year.  It is recommended that testing take place twice a year allowing six months between each testing period. But those opting to use the PASS once a year may do so. 

To find out more about the PASS Test or Hewitt Homeschooling go to 


  • Mary Len 4 years ago

    Great article, very informative. Thanks for posting!

    Mary Len
    Buffalo Parenting and Education Examiner