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A great-grandparents’ kudos to these times of liberation

Change is good
Change is good

And the beat goes on --the times, they are a-changing …


Not Gay.


Maybe Gay.

Maybe Straight.

Religious, not religious?

Who Cares?

Life is life and it goes on…

It’s not as if we were living in the times of “Games of Thrones” where gender and sexuality were blurred lines. Oh wait. Blurred lines. One of today’s most popular songs.

It wasn’t so long ago, women were perceived as “less than” males, which was slightly above the class of newly released slaves. Even today, women receive less overall pay than their male counterparts. Change takes a LONG time.

No matter your gender, religion or age, we have all heard and hopefully learned…Life and progress marches on -- DEAL with it.

No one is more accepting than a grandparent, daily. We deal with societal change, positively and with penache. No grandparent is willing to lose a member of their family, no matter who or what. Even my aging 84-year-old mother acquiesced thus: “It’s not about me or my happiness. No matter what, I’m not willing to lose a grandchild over ideology, religion, or sexual orientation.”

Recent trends in demographic aging have prompted renewed research interest in relations between grandparents and grandchildren.

Overall, while families have been increasingly dispersed, in the majority of families, at least one adult child continues to live close to their parents. This could potentially mean that for every grandchild living close by to their grandparents is another grandchild living much further a field. Thus variations in grandparent-grandchild relations may be as significant within families as they are between families.

God Bless America, each and every one of us, regardless of religion, age or gender -- and that's what makes our country so great.

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