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A grave decision: Hoosier folklore

The grave of Nancy Barnett, located in the middle of East County Road 400 South, near Amity, Indiana, is historical evidence of a Hoosier family's love for their matriarch. If you're near Amity, Indiana, consider a field trip here when teaching your kids to stand up for what they believe in.

Sign that marks the divided highway
Sign that marks the divided highway
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Grave in the middle of the road
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The site's historical marker reads:

"NANCY KERLIN BARNETT Born May 14, 1793-Died Dec. 1, 1831; Married to William Barnett, Feb 29, 1808. He was born Sept. 27, 1786, drowned in Ohio River Sept. 24, 1854. William was the great, great, great grandson of Pocahontas and John Rolfe. Daniel G. Doty, 1846-1934, protected his grandmother's grave by staying here with his gun, while the county relocated this cemetery in order to build the road. A concrete slab was placed over the grave, to protect the marker, Aug. 8, 1912. Erected in 1982, by Kenneth F. Blackwell great, great grandson, and his son Richard Blackwell."

When the government decided to build a road through a peaceful family plot on a hill overlooking Sugar Creek, two different generations of sons at separate times in history took a stand to protect their matriarch's grave. They camped out at the grave with a gun and refused to move. Apparently they made an impact because the grave remains exactly where it has always been even though other graves were moved and now rest at the side of the road.

At each end of the grave is a divided highway sign with a cross in the center, indicating a cemetery. Can your students research and find if there are other signs like it anywhere else in the country? In the world?

Each Halloween there are many visitors to the grave and some believe it's haunted.

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