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A grand swing in the right direction

Functional brilliance shines brightly in Grand Central Station
Functional brilliance shines brightly in Grand Central Station
Photo by Mario Tama/Getty Images

It stands tall and proud, in all it's gold, glass and white washed wonder. It never asks for anything, only gives. It never imposes, never interrupts. Even when it's soft chimes fill the air, they do so with such elegant brilliance that you only want to hear more. It's sight and sound does something for the beholder of it's beauty, if enough time is taken to actually take it in. Time. That's what it was created to tell, yet that's only a fraction of the story it shares. This must be partly why it's very name includes the word grand.

If you haven't figured it out by now, I'm describing my grandfather clock. I was once blessed to receive this majestic beauty as a gift and it certainly is a gift that keeps on giving. For years it has accompanied me from City to City, house to house and has never let me down. Sad to say, I perhaps let it down. Why? You ask? How can I let a clock down? Well if it's main purpose and basic function is to keep time, my failure to wind it and give it's pretty pendulum a gentle push, gravely affects it's ability to fulfill it's calling in life.

It was only recently that I realized I hadn't wound this gorgeous clock in ages. I thought it wasn't working correctly, and honestly, I don't think it was. But then one day, I just decided to try it again, to wind it up and give it's pendulum a soft swing. Little did I know, God was preparing to use this clock to share a sweet story of His divine design and precious creation. That swing was definitely one in the right direction! It worked! My grand clock was functional again! And it sounded so pretty. I was overjoyed!

I always loved to hear this well crafted timekeeper sing it's song in the past. It never failed to carry a tune into the room wherein peace wasn't it's melody and calm the harmony. It has sweetly ministered to my spirit and soul for years. I couldn't have been happier to have it keep time and keep me company once again. Then the Lord did something even better by impressing a precious analogy into my heart.

Just because someone gets stuck or stagnant once in a while, doesn't mean they will stay that way forever. Sometimes because a spirit and soul has been neglected or misunderstood, they end up non-functional in their main purpose and calling in life. But there is never an end to the story until the fat lady sings, or until the Lord calls us home. Perhaps all any stuck or stagnant soul needs is someone to help wind them up or give them a swing in the right direction.

Furthermore, I noted that my clock was still beautiful, whether it was displaying the accurate time or not. People are still wonderfully made, whether what is presently being displayed is an accurate depiction of all God created them to be or not. With a little wind up, or a stirring of one's faith rather, an off kilter Grandmother or Grandson can find and fulfill divine function once again, just as that Grandfather clock did. A clock was meant to keep time just as a heart was meant to keep hoping. Stirring ourselves up in our most holy faith, choosing to believe in the good work that God began (and will complete) in us is of grand importance. Even though we mere mortals will perhaps never be as perfect as my precious clock, let us strive to see the beauty in others as well as the mirror, lest we insult our masterful creator.

God knew all along that clock would work if I'd merely consider believing in it again and giving it a try. What was true for this Grandfather clock, holds true for His Sons and Daughters as well. Their beauty doesn't change even if standing still and their divine design isn't altered by a delay in function. God knows how he made us, he formed the dry land and breathed the breath of life into us that would establish our very existence.

If no one else takes the time (pun intended) to wind you up, to believe in you or give you a gentle swing in the right direction, God will. He is the master craftsman who knows exactly what you need and what you were created to fulfill and He'll never neglect you. Be sure to take the time to behold His beauty, refusing to neglect Him and He'll surely return the favor.

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