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A Grand Rapids temperature record WILL be tied or broken

Grand Rapids 90 degree days
Grand Rapids 90 degree days
Grand Rapids Weather Examiner

Grand Rapids has not observed a 90 degree day yet this year. Our warmest temperature this year so far, occurred on July 22, with a high of 89 degree.

Based on the 30-year climate record 1981-2010, the average number of 90 degree days for Grand Rapids is 8.4. I looked at the climate data for Grand Rapids going back to the late 1800s. Grand Rapids usually sees the first 90 degree day on June 19. The earliest date to see temperatures in the 90s was on April 29, 1899. The current record for the year with the most 90 degree days was 1988 with 37 days. During the incredibly hot year of 2012 we had 32 days at or above 90 degrees. There’s only one year that I could find when Grand Rapids NEVER saw a 90 degree day. That year is 1951. We could tie that record this year. I found five years when Grand Rapids only had one 90 degree day. Those years are 1903, 1907, 1967, 1989, and 2000.

For the years with readings in the 90s, the LATEST date to observe the FIRST 90 degree day was on August 11, 1907. If we finally observe a 90 degree day this year we will set a new record.

Here’s how the last ten years stack up with the number of days at or above 90 degrees:
2013 – 8 days
2012 – 32 days
2011 – 14 days
2010 – 9 days
2009 – 3 days
2008 – 3 days
2007 – 21 days
2006 – 11 days
2005 – 15 days
2004 – 2 days

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