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A grand piano for a young classical pianist


The things we take for granted!! When I was 2 my mother was given a piano for free. I still have that piano today! I can play well, however, it is not my life's passion. Crowdfunding is! Practicing without a grand piano - on an upright or on an electronic instrument, - can only take you so far. You can’t master the skills needed to perform concert classical pieces without the instrument these pieces were written for.

Here is a 12 year old with the passion AND skill to go very far. This is a personal crowdfunding project. People often emphasize talent as the key reason for high achievements, whether it is in sports, science, technology or music. An obvious other part is the hard work - there’s no success without a focused, persistent effort. But the part most ignored is the tools. Where are all the swimming champions from little towns without Olympic-size swimming pools? They never had a chance to develop their skills, and their natural talent and work ethic could not compensate for the absence of training equipment. The same applies to music: you can be as gifted and as hard-working as Mozart himself, but if you do not have the right instrument to practice on, you cannot reach a professional level. You must do your own due diligence and be responsible for your purchases.

She says" I’ve been extremely lucky - even though I outgrew my upright piano a few years ago, my teacher lent me her grand piano, which I have been practicing on for about 2 years. But now I have to return the instrument, and I need to replace it with a grand piano of my own."

Rewards include sponsorship perks, your name on the piano, a custom greeting card and musical thank you notes. You can support the project here