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A government of laws and not of men

Without the rule of law we have anarchy
Without the rule of law we have anarchy
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A plagiarization of this phrase written by John Adams seems to be one of the many statements Obama likes to use in regards to illegal immigrants. When defending his selective enforcement of immigration laws he manages with a straight face to say “We are a nation of laws and a nation of immigrants”. He must favor this pronouncement since he has used it five times, once to proclaim this would honor Travon Martin.

As he proceeds to carve out exemptions for his supporters for new and current laws does he really know the meaning of the statement he has taken from one of our founding fathers? When John Adams wrote these words in a letter to a friend he was praising the English form of government under the Magna Carter over the governments in Spain and France. He praise the fact that in spite of his royal status even the king of England had to obey the law, laws which the people have a voice in making and a right to defend. Had Adams had the use of Obama’s teleprompter he might have added it “levels the playing field”. John Adams admiration for equal justice for all is apparent today in the statue of Lady Justice Blindfolded to represent objectivity in law.

Are we still a government of laws? Is justice equal among all Americans? Do we really have a say in what laws are passed and do we have a right to our day in court if we disagree? What happens when laws are passed that are neither just nor fair? History tells us passing prohibition which was widely ignored and impossible to enforce was a bad law. What does it say about our nation of laws when the highest reaches of government the President openly states for political purposes he will ignore portions of the immigration law, Obamacare law and allow his Justice Department to pick and choose which laws to enforce? Citizens rightly ask themselves if the government doesn’t have to follow the law why should I.

That could explain why only 2.5 million have signed up for mandatory Obamacare when 4.8 million lost coverage because of it. Assuming each one of the 2.5 million actually purchased insurance it still leaves 2.3 million citizens who as of January first are lawbreakers. It also could account for local police departments who have pledged not to enforce new gun laws. ( It is impossible to get an accurate count, but how many gun owners will refuse to comply with registration lists for future confiscation. How many people buy black-market cigarettes or purchase them on reservations?

This is more than speeding or cheating on taxes this is a form of civil disobedience. This is people saying with action rather than talk enough is enough. Either justice for all or none. Either we are a government of laws followed by everyone, or a nation of men who decide what is illegal and who gets prosecuted. It is up to us as voters to decide the nation we want.