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A Google 'loon' balloon crashes in Eastern Washington


On Thursday as most of the little town of Harrah, Washington slept a balloon owned by Internet giant Google feel from the sky. On its way down the balloon caught some power lines and knocking out service to several residence including a mint farm where that become the its final resting spot. The balloon was part of Google's 'project loon' that was launched almost a year ago to provide rural areas with Internet access.

According to a spokesman for Pacific Power Bob Gravely when an employee of local utility company arrived at the scene he reported “what appeared to be a weather balloon with blinking lights entangled in the power lines off Harrah Road,”

On the day before the crash a spokesperson from Google informed the FAA (federal aviation administration) that the balloon was descending on the town. The early warning gave the FAA plenty of time to reroute any air traffic around the area eliminating any further disasters that could have arisen.

When the project was first launched it Google set 30 of these balloons loose to fly 12 miles above New Zealand. In that initial test area showed some promising success at providing 3g wireless service. In the months following Google has expanded to other areas around the world including the small town of Harrah in Eastern Washington State.

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