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A good foundation is essential on eBay

Make money selling foundations on eBay.
Make money selling foundations on eBay.

Foundation in this case actually refers to bras. Most women have more bras than they'll ever wear, some that don't fit, and many they even don't like. Bras are actually good sellers on eBay, even in used condition. Before you run for the lingerie drawer to grab your bras and start listing, here are a few tips on how to sell pre-owned bras on eBay.

Bras can sell well individually or in lots. Brand is important. Some of the best selling designer bra brands are Wacoal, Agent Provacateur, La Perla, Primma Donna, and Chantelle. Other more mainstream brands that sell well are Victoria Secret, Miracle Bra, WonderBra, Spanx, Olga, and Fredrick's of Hollywood.

Larger sizes do very well online because they can be hard to find locally. Not only large band sizes but large cup sizes paired with a small band size. (Think odd sizes that are hard to find.) Many women detest trying clothes on in stores. Dressing room mirrors are not our best friend. Buying online is more private and less of an ordeal.

When you are ready to start buying for resale, take time to look through the bras in thrift stores and consignment stores. Bras at thrift stores are around $3, less if on sale. The better brands and larger sizes sell easily for $20 with free shipping.

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