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A good English Easter brunch in NYC

Find an English breakfast in NYC
Find an English breakfast in NYC
Jai Waltz

Religious people think about the resurrection of Jesus during the Easter period. Kids think of Easter bunnies and chocolate. A favorite Easter treat for many is the Cadbury egg from the Cadbury company over in England. But for those who have spent time in England during the Easter season, who can forget how special of a time it is with all the Cadbury products that kids (little and big) can handle and hot cross buns straight from the oven? It is only appropriate that the nostalgic can find a good English brunch to have on Easter across the pond. Leave it to New York City to have several.

One English brunch in particular is Gordon Bennett, which is located 109 S. 6th Street in the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn. It was a quiet place, which makes it good for groups to come in and still be able to talk without too much noise in the background. The service is quick and friendly. Although the food is good, it comes at a steep price at $18 (Hey, it's Williamsburg!). But it is as good as an English breakfast as one can get in the United States, so it was justifiable. They even had a tomato and sautéed mushrooms!

Yes, that's right. A traditional English breakfast comes with a tomato on the side. The sautéed mushrooms are a variation and are optional. The main items included in an English breakfast are eggs, which can be served in any way. Gordon Bennett serves a fried egg, but in England most have sunny side up. Of course bacon and/or sausage are a must, and it must not be Jimmy Dean but English bacon/sausage. The bacon/sausage that one gets from England is better than the United States because it is smoother and contains little to no gristle. Their bacon also contained no fatty chunks like in American bacon, and the bacon was a huge piece. Next comes the baked beans, preferably Heinz baked beans. At least if one does not eat bacon or sausage, there is still ample ways to get protein in the English breakfast! Next comes a variation of potatoes. In England, sometimes they serve French fries (chips as they call it) with Ketchup. But at Gordon Bennett, they served a soft square of mashed potatoes and onions. The last on the plate of a traditional English breakfast is pudding, but it is certainly not the Bill Cosby kind of pudding. While both puddings, black pudding and white pudding, contain meat, the black pudding contains blood. The white pudding is more palatable in most cases, although Gordon Bennett's black pudding was able to go down without too much of a fight, which may be a first time for some people.

So all in all, the ingredients of an English breakfast make it unique, and Gordon Bennett had them all. So for those nostalgic about being back in England during Easter can have a taste of home, and maybe a Cadbury egg for desert!