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A Good Book to Read Now: “A Way to Reconcile the World

A book worth reading now
Photograph taken by Paul Rest

Is it just me, or are there others who think the world is going to hell in hand basket lately?

I’ve given up on evening news and not just because of being commercialed to death. The world and domestic news, all if it, it’s just too depressing.

As part of mental health routine to stay centered and sane (besides training) is reading from “A Way to Reconcile the World – Aikido Stories from Everyday Life.” (I must state I am contributor to this book but I will make this as objective as possible.)

What the books offers in abundance are stories about how aikidoka from around the world have used aikido in a practical way to solve problems, enrich their lives, strengthen family and community ties and in a broader sense, fulfill O Sensei’s vision of Aikido as a way to “Harmonize the World.”

The book started with a conversation between the editor, my friend Quentin Cooke and Robert Frager Sensei, when Quentin visited Northern California in 2012. “Someone needs to start collecting aikido stories,” Frager Sensei told Quentin.

Quentin writes in the book’s Introduction, “The result is this book of stories from people around the world whose aikido heritages and histories are many and various. The stories exemplify the fact that at the heart of aikido lie powerful truths, which can be found whatever your aikido heritage is.”

Some of the writers you’ll recognize, like Linda Holiday, Terry Dobson, Richard Strozzi-Heckler, Jamie Zimron, Paul Linden, Kayla Feder, Wendy Palmer, Richard Moon, Miles Kessler and Molly Hale—all of whom have been featured here and elsewhere in my writings about aikido.

The other writers, although perhaps not as well known as those mentioned above, all have stories and grab the reader whether they are funny, serious, stories that are life altering or just about their experiences training. It would be impossible to pick out a favorite one. They’re all worth reading again and again.

Which leads me to my own practice to promote peace—reading a story when I need that boost to get re-centered and see the larger vision of world peace and the not the garbage the news media wants you believe. And the book’s profits go to support the work of Aiki Extensions, an organization that’s a great force for peace in harmony.

Here’s the information you’ll need to order the book, and the link to Amazon:

“A Way to Reconcile the World – Aikido Stories From Everyday Life- Edited by Quentin Cooke – Published by Cooke the Books – ISBN 978-1-63173-408-3 - $29.68 (price on Amazon).

Note: Quentin was featured here in an article on May 5th, 2012. Here's the link.

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