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A global voice for sovereignty

A global lesson
Catherine Bauknight

Tuesday, November 12, 2013. Island of Kauai, Annual Hawaiian Civic Club Convention marks another screening for 'Hawaii, a Voice for Sovereignty', the documentary by Catherine Bauknight that has gone global since its theatrical release last year at Pasadena's Laemmle Theater.

October 19, 2013. Rome, Italy. Museo Nazionale Preistorico Etnografico 'Luigi Pigorini'. Tears of understanding flow in the audience as it views the facial images of the persons speaking in the film. A language of spiritual unity is heard clearly.

The beginning: 2009, Washington, D.C. Private screening, the Capitol Building. It begins here and continues with private screenings at Iolani Palace, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Berkeley and in New Zealand.

After its theatrical release in 2012, the film is part of The United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues Side Events in New York City.

The life of this documentary which seeks to portray ' the native Hawaiian's journey to sustain their culture, spirituality, and connection to the land' has now reached maturity. It has its own legs.

The essence of the film which bubbles to the surface, is the connection to the land, aina, that the Hawaiians have had for generations and which was severed by the overthrowing of the monarchy in 1893, by a circle of prominent businessmen who enlisted the help of the United States government.

This part of Island history was never mentioned in the educational curriculum in Hawaii. Not until the seventies when protest groups became more demonstrative by local activists. And now, decades later, a documentary film seeks to carry that cause even further.

This time, it has a chance. A chance because the message is one that is universal in nature. Global in essence. Hawaiians have always cherished their land, their islands for there was only so much of it that needed to sustain its inhabitants. The earth is an island to the global community. The people, its native inhabitants.

The message from 'Hawaii, a Voice for Sovereignty' connects us all, on this good earth. It's time we took better care of our 'aina', our environment. Through a spirit of 'kokua', cooperation, with one another, with every other organization, through cooperation with other countries, we can sustain what is ours to enjoy and use not only for our lifetimes, but of those who will follow also.

See this film. It will change your perspective of how you view your community, country, and the environment at large.

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