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A gleeful day for the anti Intelligent Design?

New Kepler planet
New Kepler planet
NASA artists version

It is amazing indeed to see amount of effort and the feverish grasping of straws that some of the natural evolutionists will go, and the funds they will squander to try and prove that there is no supernatural force. They are jumping for joy since NASA's orbiting telescope, Kepler, has picked up what they refer to as an Earth-like planet (the most Earth-like of any yet discovered). No one can deny that there are numerous brilliant minds who have spent years developing our exceptionally great technology of telescopes, radios and camera's, etc. to make the startling studies of a universe so massive and great as to boggle one's mind. But many of those minds have as a prime reason for it all, that of proving the Bible to be a worthless book.

Let us take notice of the first preliminary details of this planet they have found. And even though they have not nearly found and analyzed all the data, they begin telling us of the differences in the planet and ours. First of all, they say that it is 500 light years distance from our earth and one light years is some 6 trillion miles from here. Now do your math and you will see that to be 3,000 trillion miles. This is one of the great achievements made by our scientists and engineers. To even be able to reach out that far with some accuracy of measuring distance and gathering other data, is indeed notable. They also say the temperature on the surface of this new planet is considerably cooler than that of our Earth. If so, I prefer not to go.

"For decades, astronomers have scanned the sky looking for planets like our own, rocky worlds that orbit a star at just the right distance to harbor liquid water, and possibly, life. Scientists on Friday announced the discovery of a planet outside our solar system that is, so far, the closest contender for Earth 2.0." (Sydney Morning Herald April 18, 2014)

You see, for the atheist evolutionist, discovery of life on another planet, if no more than some a one cell amoeba, to them it would clinch the argument that there is no God. Of course, it would do no such thing. They forget that God created the universe and He was/is capable of placing life wherever He pleases. But the main problem is, they will find no life there. Isn't it somewhat baffling to say that the universe is some 14.5 billion years old and that all of its vastness, the same "accidental" process would occur which occurred on our "earth"? All the chemical elements would have to be available, the coming together would have to occur. And then whatever accident occurred to give it life would have to occur. This after traveling 3,000,000,000,000,000 miles.

The massive odds that it would have required to create our Earth by 'natural' means as the evolutionists propose and for life to begin and replicate, are unbelievably astronomical even if it were possible. And for it to happen again would be simply ridiculous to even mention. So, you see, if there is life on this newly discovered planet, it would be far more indicative of a supernatural event than to suggest that there is no God.

This would necessitate their adding perhaps twice the amount of time back to the explosion of the wrinkle, plus a complete re-calculation of the speed of the expansion of the universe itself. It will present much more evidence of a living God than proving the opposite. But in the meantime they have something to play with and to use to encourage more and more monetary grants from large corporations and our taxes.

Don't misunderstand me. I have no compunctions against the scientific exploration of our universe nor of the excellent work these men do. My only dissatisfaction is the motives of many. This present discovery has people congratulating others and by their words, you can read their atheistic thoughts. If you question that, go to one or more of the articles written concerning it and read it plus the listing of comments below it. In addition to the link above, here are a couple of others.

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