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A Girl Must Know While Selecting Jewelry for the Dinner

Six Elegant Party Jewelry Picks for Women
Six Elegant Party Jewelry Picks for Women

Gold jewelry is classical! However, selection of gold jewelry must be made wisely. Here are some of the crucial tips to keep in mind while purchasing any jewelry piece.

How pure is the gold:

The purity of the gold is directly related with its strength and durability. The gold with a higher carat weight tends to be more expensive.

Strength of gold:

The purer the gold, the softer it is. For everyday wear jewelry pieces chose a lower carat weight gold because the extra strength and hardness will make your gold jewelry more durable.

White or yellow Gold

This is a matter of personal preference. When deciding between the two do keep in mind how it will go with your other jewelry pieces, clothes or for that matter even your hair and skin tone.

Jewelry pieces:

A jewelry piece will only stand out if it is worn with ease and comfort. The jewelry you wear also emphasizes your features.


Earrings draw attention to your face. Dangling earrings immediately catch the eye. But a vital fact to remember here is that choose earrings that contrast with the shape of your face. Gem stone earrings are both stylish and classy. They are the best selection for a valentine dinner, as well as long, dangly earrings. If you have a full figure then earrings made in geometric shapes will look better on you. Upswept styles or earrings made like seashells or wings can make short women look taller. This style can also make a thin face look broader as well as hoops. Studs or small earrings lose their beauty if hair is let loose.


Necklaces put focus on your face and neck. Women with an average frame can wear any style of necklace. Tall women look classier in necklaces made with same-size pearls or gemstones. They can look ravishing in a pearl string on a candle light valentine dinner.

Both chokers and U-shaped necklaces should be bought by women who want to reduce length. Longer necklaces look better on square or round faces. For the full-figured women, longer styles draw the eye downward therefore, elongating the height. Chunky necklaces with large stones and thicker chains are also preferable for such women.


Choose rings according to the shape and size of your fingers. If you are lucky to have long fingers then you can get away with almost any style of rings. But if your fingers are short then make sure the setting and stone does not extend past the knuckle. Narrow bands should be your priority in such a scenario.

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